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Lol... sounds about right

hah.. predator missile.

Anyways, I think you give yourself too little credit, the animation was fine, and the writing / audio was creative, and of course clever. The only downside was that you decided to submit on clockday, which probably means you won't get many reviews.. (although probably lots of 5s from people who didn't even watch it).

TenatiousT responds:

Whoops, clock day. I was curious about all the clocks. Guess my TIMING was off :D


Thank you

You pretty much summed up everything I've been thinking in one rant.. It's about time somebody did something


I lol'd

And I know this was not what you were going for, but my favorite part was the credits, they were really well done

I guess you didn't lie when you said they were epic

Tawnik responds:

Haha, that was "epic credits" for Mesmay :D then music etc

I know, a lot of people like the credits the most, but if you lol'd it okay to say the credits are the best :D

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These things are always cool, the visualizer is a nice touch.

On a side note, one of these was made a while back that's really similar, just search NGAP, but you may have known that already.

Still cool though

Archawn responds:

I know of that one, but it doesn't have a visualizer like mine does.


Great game

I'm thrilled to see that there is somebody out there who enjoys FFCC music as much as I do.... well... at least enough to use it in a flash game

All the music choices were great, and the visuals were even better!

I have to disagree with the guy below me....

I personally like the sound... particularly the voices... Sure it's a bit hard, but it's doable, you people need to to stop complaining.

I'm on level 51 right now, and there's only 3 or 4 that i got stuck on for more than a few minutes...

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Good stuff. The tune is simple, but good to listen to. I'm actually going to nab this for a game project I'm working on. Unfortunately it's just a little thing for a class, so it won't be getting a release, but I thought I'd give my thanks !

Love it

Man, I've been subbed to you on youtube for a while now. Just today I was going through my music library and saw a song (from NG) by one MasterJace. I had no idea you were on here too, and I've been wanting the mp3 for this since you released this song.

Keep it up mah man

This makes me happy....

I stumbled upon the actual version on youtube ealier.. and as awesome as it was, I still felt it was lacking. Some I came here and what do you know, this version is a lot better.

Awesome work

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Hold on a second...

I actually saw this at Blizzcon this year (as in 2009)! It was hanging on this... thing by the line for starcraft 2 (along with many others)

it was easily one of my favorites, good job

I am the end of all your nightmares


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