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These things are always cool, the visualizer is a nice touch.

On a side note, one of these was made a while back that's really similar, just search NGAP, but you may have known that already.

Still cool though

Archawn responds:

I know of that one, but it doesn't have a visualizer like mine does.


Great game

I'm thrilled to see that there is somebody out there who enjoys FFCC music as much as I do.... well... at least enough to use it in a flash game

All the music choices were great, and the visuals were even better!

I have to disagree with the guy below me....

I personally like the sound... particularly the voices... Sure it's a bit hard, but it's doable, you people need to to stop complaining.

I'm on level 51 right now, and there's only 3 or 4 that i got stuck on for more than a few minutes...


What is with you people voting so low for such stupid reasons?? You're supposed to vote based on the quality of the gameplay, graphics, etc

Freakin idiots man....

Anyways, I thought it was pretty good. The graphics were great especially, and I've never played the actual cooking mama so I don't have much to compare it to, but the gameplay itself was more or less pretty fun. Yeah I know I don't have all that much to say


This is really good... I mean.. really good. The graphics are great, as well as the sound effects and music, not much else to say aside from thats its well... really good hah

this deserves a much higher rating... 5/5 10/10

SecretSecretary responds:

Thank you!


Definatly one of the better tile based games out there, although it may be a little difficult, its still fun

My main suggestion would be to make it so when you hit an enemy, their "invincible" time period thing should be a lot (or at least a little) shorter

cool idea, graphics and music choice

oh yeah and, if I remember correctly, there is a typo in the intro

ShirkDeio responds:

Where in the intro?

I did change the invincible time on the enemies--I guess I need to lower them more.

Glad you liked it.


woot! Finally, the wait is over! So far this one seems just as good as the 2nd (if not better of course) ..Although, there are two things that DO bug me"

-in my opinion, the some of the songs aren't as good as #2
-Not that this is that bad.. but i think I liked the old announcer's voice... he seemed a lot more enthusiastic :P

But you were right about the fact that its harder.. looks like a fun new challenge

Kudos 5/5 10/10


This game was incredibly hard when I first started, but after playing a bit, something "clicked" and I went and got an A on every song. Yeah it is a little short, but it is pretty fun, and your song choices were pretty good

Also.. there is a "bug" where the menu music restarts when you go to almost any other screen of the menu.. but I assume you noticed that

10/10 5/5

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